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JadeCo Stamp & Hobby
J.D. Manville (Owner)

JadeCo was created as a place to display cool collections, sell them, and repeat. But it has turned into way more than that. Here at JadeCo we have one of, if not the biggest military hobby collections in the state, and that is only a fraction of what we carry. We have all sorts of board games, tabletop games, card games, clothing, antique books, mini figures for painting & display, as well as weekly game nights and events! 

J.D. was asked by B.C. Kowalski from Stevens Point Journal,

"Please give me a rundown of your business. What all does it entail?"

"Weird stuff. I have models, planes, ships, cars, aircraft, space craft, monsters, games. We have a lot of older games that are out of production, and we carry new games, dice for games, figures for role playing games, Dungeons and Dragons. I also take in consignment stuff, and I have a lot of older train gear, cars, engines, scenery, paints, brushes. I take in a lot old cast stuff, old books. And sometimes I have weird stuff. For example, I had telescopes for a while because someone wanted to trade telescopes for train stuff. You can never tell what I have in the store; it changes daily as far as what I've got.

- Kowalski, B.C. "JadeCo survives as old-time hobby shop" Stevens Point Journal, 19 Sept 2014

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STEVENS POINT – The store that began as a place for J.D. Manville to display and sell the items in his own collection has become a hot spot for hobbyists... 

He now has an entire store filled with popular activities, like “D&D fifth edition,” a popular role-playing game for youth to adult ages, to older games like “Lord of the Rings.”...

From dragons to soldiers to tanks, any person who is ready to take on the game can find what they need...

Going from there to Division Street to a location in Plover, the business may have found a permanent home.

“We like Main Street most,” Manville added.

Manville said that people come from miles away just to find what they need..

According to Manville, the store might have the largest collection of military hobby items in the state...


- Voories, Katelyn "A hobbyist’s hotspot: JadeCo Stamp and Hobby grows from pastime to enterprise" Stevens Point News, 6 Feb 2020

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